You Should Beware the Potential Complications Posed by a Chipped Tooth

A tooth can be chipped in a variety of ways. This includes sports injuries, biting on your nails, nibbling on a pencil, or grinding your teeth at night without the protection of a dental guard. Once the tooth enamel has been compromised food particles and plaque deposits might start to accumulate deep within the microscopic textures of the dental fracture.... read more »

An Oral Cancer Screening Is an Important Part of Every Routine Dental Exam

Having a routine dental exam and cleaning performed by a dentist like Dr. Jade Moellendorf serves several purposes. Not only will it clean tartar and plaque buildup from your teeth and gumline, but this basic outpatient appointment will also help to detect any oral health conditions or identify preventative measures. The process starts with a dental hygienist performing a comprehensive... read more »