An Oral Cancer Screening Is an Important Part of Every Routine Dental Exam

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Having a routine dental exam and cleaning performed by a dentist like Dr. Jade Moellendorf serves several purposes. Not only will it clean tartar and plaque buildup from your teeth and gumline, but this basic outpatient appointment will also help to detect any oral health conditions or identify preventative measures.

The process starts with a dental hygienist performing a comprehensive dental cleaning to remove all traces of hardened tartar from your teeth. This can help reduce your chances of suffering periodontal disease and cavities. Once this is done they will also polish the teeth in your smile to help remove minor dental stains.

The next phase of the checkup consists of Dr. Jade Moellendorf examining your mouth for any overt signs of tooth decay, periodontal disease, and oral cancers.

While oral cancers are more likely to occur in people over the age of 60 other factors can increase your risk of developing oral or pharyngeal cancer at a younger age. This could include a family history of oral and pharyngeal cancer, tobacco use, and frequent alcohol consumption.

Be sure to let Dr. Jade Moellendorf know about any potential oral cancer symptoms or concerns you might have. This might include a persistent pain in your mouth, swelling, or a lump in your cheek. Pharyngeal cancer symptoms could also include a persistent sore throat, or a feeling like something is stuck in the back of your mouth.

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