Do You Have Questions About Root Canals? We Have Answers!

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If a tooth can’t be restored through a dental restoration such as a crown or filling, root canal treatment may be the most effective method to preserve the tooth. It is typically performed as the last treatment option Dr. Jade Moellendorf recommends before tooth extraction. If you have questions about root canal treatment, our team at iSmile is happy to provide answers.

Why is a root canal necessary?
Harming conditions such as a crack in the tooth, severe tooth decay, a hard blow to the face, and lots of dental treatment can inflame and infect the internal core of the tooth, also known as the dental pulp. This can cause severe pain and prevent you from using the tooth properly. With a root canal, we can restore the tooth and save it from extraction.

How do I know if I need a root canal?       
If you experience tenderness and swelling in the surrounding gums, severe tooth pain, sensitivity in the tooth to heat or cold, or tooth discoloration, these are common symptoms that a root canal is needed. However, there may be no symptoms involved, in which case, only a dental exam by a dental professional will reveal the infection.

What is the root canal procedure?
You may need to visit Dr. Jade Moellendorf one to three times so that certain stages of treatment can be performed properly. First, our skilled dentist will remove the infected pulp and clean out the root canal area so that he can seal the tooth. To complete the restoration and protect the treated tooth, he will cover it with a custom-made dental crown.

We are more than happy to tell you more about our process for treating root canals in Salt Lake City, Utah! Whether you are looking for more information or need to schedule an appointment at iSmile, call 855-438-4764 today!