Oral Health Uses of a Dental Crown

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If you need to choose a dental restoration, dental crowns can be a very versatile option when it comes to improving the appearance and strength of a tooth–especially if the tooth has been damaged or discolored. Dental crowns are intended to endure for several decades and can restore a tooth from significant dental damage so that is has the strength and support it needs. There are many oral health benefits of a dental crown that can help you achieve the strong, beautiful smile you deserve.

Our dental team is pleased to offer custom-made dental crowns to provide the benefits your smile needs, whether it is greater protection or a more cosmetic appearance after a tooth has been affected by decay or injury. Dental crowns cover the whole visible portion of the tooth to provide these benefits.

Dental crowns can serve your smile in a variety of ways, and can even help children, who often have a risk of tooth decay. One reason to wear a dental crown is it can bond a large dental filling that can’t be supported by the weakened tooth enamel–this enables the dental filling to last for several years. Dr. Jade Moellendorf may also recommend a dental crown to assist other dental restorations in performing their functions. This may include root canal treatment and other restorations such as bridges and implants.

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