Poor Oral Hygiene Can Lead to Cavities

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The American Dental Association advises people to brush their teeth every morning and night as well as to thoroughly floss at least once each day. This simple daily routine can help remove plaque and residual food particles before they can affect the health of your mouth.

If you struggle to be consistent with your daily dental hygiene routine, the chronic presence of plaque acids in your mouth could start to demineralize your tooth enamel. The frequent consumption of acidic beverages could also contribute to the problem.  

This acidic oral environment could cause a cavity develop on one of your teeth. Typical tooth decay symptoms could manifest as increased sensitivity and discomfort when chewing. Symptoms might also include a noticeable change in the surface texture of affected the tooth.

If you have noticed something wrong with one of your teeth, it is still important to have it examined and treated by a dentist. When you visit our practice, one of our experienced dentists, Dr. Jade Moellendorf and Associates, can examine your teeth for signs of cavities. If the cavity is small and only affects a single surface of the tooth, we might be able to treat it with a simple dental filling.

Receiving a filling involves carefully removing any decayed tooth enamel while also creating a healthy surface to which we can bond the dental filling material. After the filling material has been hardened by an ultraviolet light, it will restore the tooth’s basic function and appearance.

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