Oral Emergencies Damage Teeth

Have you ever lost a permanent tooth? Broken one? Massive discoloration? When it comes to your oral health, a little education and preparation can go a long way to saving your smile if an emergency situation does arise. Let’s address some common oral emergencies and what to do about them. If you end up with something between your teeth, it... read more »

Oral First-Aid Might Call for a Gentle Saltwater Rinse

An accidental blow to the mouth during sports, or resulting from a household slip and fall can potentially harm teeth as well as soft oral tissues. In a moment like this, applying some basic first-aid measures can help manage discomfort while also assessing the need for professional treatment at iSmile’s clinic. Sometimes blood and unwanted debris in the mouth can make... read more »

Mouthguards: Protecting Your Smile From Oral Injury

Do you want to avoid oral injuries, like a knocked-out tooth, chipped tooth, and damaged gums? If so, a mouthguard is your friend. Our dentists encourage you to wear a mouthguard regularly because it can help you maintain a strong and healthy smile. It’s best to wear a mouthguard when you play high-contact sports and participate in any activity that... read more »