Oral First-Aid Might Call for a Gentle Saltwater Rinse

An accidental blow to the mouth during sports, or resulting from a household slip and fall can potentially harm teeth as well as soft oral tissues. In a moment like this, applying some basic first-aid measures can help manage discomfort while also assessing the need for professional treatment at iSmile’s clinic. Sometimes blood and unwanted debris in the mouth can make... read more »

You Should Beware the Potential Complications Posed by a Chipped Tooth

A tooth can be chipped in a variety of ways. This includes sports injuries, biting on your nails, nibbling on a pencil, or grinding your teeth at night without the protection of a dental guard. Once the tooth enamel has been compromised food particles and plaque deposits might start to accumulate deep within the microscopic textures of the dental fracture.... read more »